In the Beginning

"Let's have children."

The man started violently from his task of feeding the fire.
"How the hell did this come about?" he said, slightly angry and genuinely confused.

She lifted her shoulders and let them fall back down in an act of nonchalance, but her face was bright and hopeful as she watched him paused in action.
"Well, life has to continue, right?"

His expression turned blank and introspective for a few moments as he tried to make room for this in a mind full with awareness that their future was precarious, that tomorrow they were to climb across the steepest, rockiest part of the range yet encountered, that their provisions were running out faster than they had anticipated, that their homeland would probably be destroyed by the time they found refuge.

But something in his chest and in his mind was loosening, growing lighter and lighter, until he was laughing out loud -- too full of great love for her.

His laughter abated, and he smiled.